Strictly Come Dancing Returns With A New Presenter

After the successful run of its 5th and with season Strictly Come Dancing is returning to SABC3 for a 7th season, with a new South African season of the ballroom dancing competition format show and a new presenter.

This season of the show will have 10 episodes in the new season of Strictly Come Dancing which will be announced next week.

A new presenter and the celebrity contestants of the upcoming 7th season will be announced next week. Can we just not have these "it" girls on this... give it some substance. Leave the Boitys out of this. SUBSTANCE over HYPE!!

Another change to the show is said to be the flight night. Where previous seasons of Strictly Come Dancing took place mid-week, the new season will play out on SABC3 on Friday nights - traditionally one of the least watched evenings of the week when most potential viewers will not be home to watch.

Why do these tv schedulers always sabotage their own shows? Surely someone at SABC3 knows that Fridays are just not good for viewership especially for a channel like SABC which struggles with ratings anyway. 

Then again, channels do not really care about rating in South Africa, otherwise they would invest more thoughts and variety in their content.

 Strictly Come Dancing Season 7 is set to start on Friday, 18 July at 20:30, will you be watching?

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