The Post That Made Me Hate Being South African ... For A Min

Today I got a link from an American friend of mine that made me wanna get on a plane and move to The States. It has always been evident that the entertainment industry is big business over there and it's taken more seriously, but finding out that Top Bloggers in the US earn close to R500 000 for a single appearance at big brands events and R30 000 for a sponsored Instagram post, just nearly killed me. Sadly, in this country we still fighting for some recognition for our contribution to this industry, let alone get paid for what we do. 

Forget about the fact that mediocrity gets praised, numbers do not guarantee you recognition as a performer or even the fact that our groupie entertainment media has no clue about the industry they report on — it pains me to know that our South African entertainment industry is still stuck in the 90s. 

Ok, I should not be complaining too much because I have been able to have a career and pay my bills solely on the reputation I have built through my blogging — but for me to earn this living, I constantly have to convince brands that my skill has value in this business. 

I am also fully aware that I am part of a minute number of bloggers in this country who actually make money for their blogging. Interestingly though, being in Capetown increases your chances of making a living as a blogger than in Jozi — which is supposedly the hub of the entertainment industry. 

Perez Hilton

The most successful and famous entertainment blogger in the world, Perez Hilton, is reported by to have an estimated net worth of $30 million, tha'ts just over R300 million. Yerrr...

According to WWD in the US, top bloggers like Bryan Boy and Aimee Song are commanding six-figure salaries. Marquee names can net as much as $50,000 for a single appearance, and $3,000 for a sponsored Instagram post, reports the paper. 
“I’ve made enough to live comfortably and be able to not wear samples and buy my clothes retail." - Bryan Boy was quoted. 
Phil Mphela and Bryan Boy
I met Bryan Boy in 2011 when Marie Claire brought him down to Mzansi and I interviewed him for Zoopy. Cool guy. During the luncheon, of which he was the guest of honor —  he talked about how he started blogging when no-one thought it could be a career and now he gets to sit front row at big fashion shows for big name designers.  

Will we ever get to a point in Mzansi where professional bloggers earn that much money? I doubt.

Not if our industry still considers being on a particular channel as a stardom launching pad instead of being able to draw audiences. Not if we still allow the entire industry to run on the fame and success of 5 girls. 

Like I stated, it is not all doom and gloom though. I am grateful that there are brands that see value in what I do and are willing to pay me for my effort. I am grateful for the opportunity I get to do what I love and make a living off of it. 

That does not mean those salary figures did not hit a sour spot though ... just ONE GUY'S OPINION!

Watch my interview with Bryan Boy below: 

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