Bongani Fassie And Somizi Team Up For An Etv Show

Talk about an unlikely couple, Somizi Mhlongo will be teaming up with the handsome-yet-troubled offspring of the late musical legend Mabrrr, for the second season of Reality Check on I can exclusively reveal that Bongani Fassie, who I think has had way too many reality checks in his life, will be one of the names that will be revealed at the Upfronts event next week as a new addition to the channel's stars. 

The first season of the Endemol produced show, saw media fodders, Kanyi Mbau, Nonhle Thema and Babalwa Mneno, cosy up to each other as they traveled the country to get schooled on how the simple life people live and earn their pap.  

On the show we saw the ladies go through some emotional ride as they got to experience life outside of the priviledges of celebrity and big city dwelling. 

Unfortunately there is no word yet from the channel or the production company about the synopsis of the second season. I actually had to use my own ingenuity to find out that Somizi and Bongani had signed on. 

One can only assume that the second season will follow the same format of season one. If that is the case, then we might be in for some fun television viewing. 

We all know Somizi, never disappoints when it comes to giving the viewer "TV moments". Heck ... Nobody does it better than SomGAGA! 

I do however, have to admit that I was a bit surprised that Somizi would be on  Reality check after he was also featured on the VUZU show of a similar format and name, Top Shayela - Reality Check. 

As for Bongani Fassie, I am certain a lot of ladies... and some fellas... will be happy to see Bongani on screen for 13 episodes. 

The pair will be joined by somebody else.

Deets on when Reality Check Season 2 will be on your screens will ONLY BE REVEALED at a glittery event in Melrose Arch next week. Of course, I am always on the guest-list (of events that matter) so I have the invite and I will be Tweeting LIVE from the event on July 10th. 

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