Director Of Iconic Jungle Oats TV Ad Has Died

JUST IN. The director of the popular iconic Jungle Oats television advertisement that ran on South African television from 1999, has passed. Giacomo Angelini is reported to have passed yesterday. 

No South African over the age of 15 would not remember the Jungle Oats ads. The TV Commercial were done by Ogilvy & Mather Rightford Searle-tripp & Makin advertising agency for product: Jungle Oats Porridge (brand: The Jungle Oats Company) in South Africa.

The ads highlighted three of Mzansi's popular sports; Soccer, Swimming and Boxing, and encouraged young South Africans with the simple line said by the ads stars; 

"If you want to be strong, eat jungle oats" 

The ads made their tv debut in Feb 1999. Pure coincidence, I actually called Mr Angelini last week trying to identify the stars of the commercials. He did not return my call and today I got a phone call telling me that he has passed. 

I will hopefully still do the article about the stars of those ads and where they are now. I am also hoping to do a tribute to Giacomo, a man who clearly played a significant role in the advertising industry in South Africa. 

More details to come as I receive the information. 

Condolences to his family.

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