History Channel to broadcast documentary "Nelson Mandela-Redrawn" this month to celebrate Mandela Month

Leading historical entertainment channel, History on DStv channel 186, uncovers the heart of the real Nelson Mandela in the poignant Nelson Mandela: Redrawn, to be broadcast on Mandela Day 

Nelson Mandela: Redrawn features the personal accounts of Charlize Theron, Bono, Ian McKellen, Bill Cosby, Jeremy Thompson, Larry King and Richard Branson and their interactions with Mandela, which combine to create a landmark television event. Beyond the history and the fame lies the even more amazing truth about the world’s greatest statesman.

This most intimate portrayal reaches into the very soul of what made Mandela an icon, and gazes inside the life of the man that fathered the Rainbow Nation.

Beyond the media hype is the political genius who could manipulate the press, inspire awe in celebrities, politicians and superstars alike, and shape a country from inside a prison cell. For the first time, Mandela’s genius as a political strategist is laid bare.

Told in eight chapters, Madiba’s story unfolds in reverse, from the old man to the rural child. This candid documentary weaves its fascinating web with strands from around the world, with storytellers from every corner bringing a unique insight and fresh look into why Mandela was so loved and revered. It reveals the seminal moments that transformed a man into a hero.

Using animation to recreate lost events, Nelson Mandela: Redrawn uses the personal celebrity stories and footage from around the globe to deliver the most human and humble moments in the form of a living legacy to South Africa’s most famous leader.

Catch Nelson Mandela: Redrawn on History Channel (DSTV 186) on Sunday 30 July at 20:30.

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