Gavin Rajah Copycat Dress Scandal Overshadows Capetown Fashion Week

Seems like the South African television industry is not the only one that is in danger of losing local original concept to so-called international 'inspired' content, the fashion industry was caught in scandal this past weekend when one of its highly respected designer, Gavin Rajah, was exposed as a copycat. 

A sigh of shock reverberated at Cape Town Fashion Week during The Gavin Rajah Couture Collection show. The renowned South African fashion designer seems to have ‘borrowed’ inspiration from international fashion designer Zuhair Murad. One of his dresses from his 2014/2015 collection was almost identical to Zuhair’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Spot the difference?
The only real difference being a throw that Gavin added to his frock.

The dress caused immediate outrage on social networks, with fashionista’s pointing out the obvious similarities. 

Sadly for the organizers of the event, the picture, which helped lift the lid on this debacle, became the single most viewed image from Cape Town Fashion Week. 

The subsequent coverage of the event was also tainted by reports of this incident thus overshadowing the the amazing talent showcased there.

Rajah was embroiled in another scandal last year when it was revealed that his company allegedly had a sponsorship deal with a weapons supplier yet his campaigns were aimed to "raise issues around violence against women and children".

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