Jennifer Hudson And Mariah Carey Caught In FAKE Pics Drama

We live in a world where some magazine editors' idea of perfect has become a goal we go to extreme to attain so we can fit in. Stories about celebrities lying about their diets and surgeries have become common. So too has stories of celebrity fake and photoshopped picture. The latest celebs to be caught up in this hoohah are JHud and Mariah. 

Few days ago a photo claiming to be of Jennifer Hudson went viral. The nude photo was never picked up by any reputable media because just looking at it one could see that it is fake. Only gullible social media airheads fell for it and were and still are using is as a symbol of motivation to get in shape.

While the real Jhud has lost considerable amount of weight and looks slimmer, she has vehemently stated that she WOULD NEVER pose nude for any photographer. Given that JHud achieved her level of success without having to rely on her looks, I actually do believe that she does not need to stoop to that level to get attention hence I too ignored the picture. 

This week the photographer who "made" the picture, Donato Sebastian, turned to Facebook to set the record straight. He said; 

Last week another story off photoshop broke out and cause a media frenzy. Unretouched picture of Mariah Carey surfaced on the internet . The officially published pics appeared in a pictorial Terry Richardson shot for Wonderland Magazine. 

Mimi had posed for a series of racy pics rocking sexy black lingerie and posing with a glass of champagne and strands of diamonds and only she can. Unfortunately, the unretouched pics came out and ruined it all ...

So, here the thing... both Jennifer and Mariah look great in their natural body and it is not like we would not retouch our own pictures if we were constantly being scrutinized because of our looks. While JHud was not involved in any way in the photoshop saga and she has a killer bod now, Mariah was a willing participant in this scheme to sell a lie so poor Mimi is getting a lot of flack for it.

My issue with all of this stems from a Facebook conversation I had today with a friend after he posted the fake picture of JHud and a caption that read;
I had a serious problem with this because it perpetuated a lie. Yes healthy living is good and all that but using pictures of celebrities, especially fake pictures, is counter productive. Maybe the guy did not know that the picture is fake but he represent millions who saw that JHud picture and bought the lie.

A lot of us aspire to have these bodies because believe that is a standard of beauty we should strive to achieve but please let's not sell that using a lie.

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