Kasi To Favelas Failed To Impress

Being one of the very few who are not taken in by the world cup fever but is still not immune to the hype, magazine shows like Supersport's World Cup Live and SABC1's Kasi To Favelas offers a remedy by bringing in a light hearted coverage of the event. Sadly both shows promised a lot and delivered very little with Kasi To Favelas failing dismally on the nation's most watched channel to attract viewers. 

I will be honest, I only saw World Cup Live once just to see why Bonang put her career prospects at the SABC on the line for limited run show. Needless to say, while I found the production sufficient to please a fan of the personalities presenting the show and the average tv viewer, I found the content uninspired and lacking in motivation. Never watched again after that. 

The whole premise for Kasi to Favelas, on the other hand, was to explore and compare our culture to Brazil’s hence the title... or maybe I am just being a kleva black here. That angle seemed more interesting and fresh than what World Cup Live offered. 

Sadly though, after watching 3 episodes of Kasi To Favelas, I failed to see the connection. Ok ... they have favelas and we have squatter camps ... so?   

The production for Kasi To Favelas seemed rushed,and try as they did, Maps and Pearl just fell short when it came to engaging with the camera and the viewer. 

I do not know what is it about Maps Maponyane that just does not connect. The guy is incredibly nice even in person. He is obviously good looking and articulate, but something about him just does not correlate with his new found fame and attention.

The technical glitches did very little to aide the struggling show in its waddle to clutch on to the world cup excitement for SABC viewers. 

When you fail to attract viewers on other channels we can let it slide as the other channels do not enjoy the ratings pull of SABC1, but when you fail here then things must have been very BAD. And fail did Kasi To Favelas. 

According to the latest released TAMS ratings (week 26), Kasi To Favelas pulled a meager 900 000 in viewership numbers.  

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