Nomusi Rocks A Disastrous Dress At Durban July ... WHY?!

When MTV VJ Nomusi Mabena burst onto the scene, fashionistas and photographers alike were excited to have this new fresh faced bubbly pintsized diva with bucket loads of personality. Nomusi Mabena was a red carpet sensation in the making, because the young TV presenter seemed not to be afraid to take fashion risks and/or stamp her own uniqueness in the fray. The dream is now turning into a night mare ...

Nomusi Mabena has a very very big personality. With some alcohol, that personality is amplified, so it is inevitable that when she is the room she commands a lot of attention.  

Perfection: The promise of style icon
Such was the case at the Durban July when the MTV VJ rocked up at the Flying Fish marquee. Lawd oh lawd ...

One thing for sure, just meeting her for the first time, you get why MTV fell in love with her. The girl is funny as hell and does not mince her words. She had us all in stitches. 

Unfortunately ... since you can't miss her because of her personality, you also can not miss checking out what she is wearing. Sadly for her, the dress she was wearing,  for what is possible the biggest event in fashion, was an atrocity. 

A dress can be bad because; the colour is wrong for the wearer, the fit is not right, the material is off season, or it is dated... Nomusi's Durban July was all that mess and more. 

The above picture does the dress justice, in person it looked like something a first year fashion student who cant sew made. Her boobs looked like they would pop out any minute. The fabric looked like something that should be covering a cheap sofa, the seams were not over-locked so there were strings of thread popping out... the design was amateurish.  Let's not even go to that slit that was too high and ill-cut for her frame. 

To think Nomusi saw that dress and agreed to wear it, is baffling. Even if one does not care about what other people think of what they are wearing, when you are a tv star, the last thing you would want to put on is something that does not look professionally done, especially when you know all eyes will be on you. 

Nomusi looked amazing at MTV AMAs just few weeks prior to this after that disastrous skirt she wore at the nominees party for the same awards. 

She looked like a dream in that black dress at the SAMAs this year. 

Nomusi was all regal and fabulous at the SAMAs

Clearly Nomusi knows and cares about fashion and how she looks, which then begs the question; Who is this designer she keeps going to for these badly made outfits that she keeps surprising us with?

And, if it is the same designer, how is it that some outfits are done properly and others not? Is it a case of money?

Why didn't Nomusi go to Pallu or any of the boutiques that rents out dresses or buy a ready made one instead?

She clearly knows style. She looked HOT at MTV AMAs
I know she is still new at this redcarpet and attention thing. However, the woman is gorgeous and there is something endearing about her. There is potential there for her to command the same fashion respect like Nandi Mgoma.

I would not care if it were someone else but Nomusi is a sweetheart and deserves far better than this mess. 

Gurl... get your ish together. Fire that stylist or designer cos he/she clearly does not like you to put you in that mess! Great gown need not clean your bank account, halla at yo boi, I'll hook you up! I know people !

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