Somizi Scolds Boity And Bongani Fassie For Being Unprofessional

Just days after Etv officially announced that Somizi, Boity and Bongani Fassie will be the stars of the celebrity charity show, Reality Check, it appears the young stars need a bit of professional reality check. Somizi, with 30 years of experience in the business under his belt, took to social median earlier today to reprimand Boity and Bongani for being late for a shoot. 

Filming, Reality Check Season 2, kicked off this morning with a message on social media from an unimpressed Somizi who vented at his young cast mates for keeping him waiting;
“As I hurry and wait for my 2 cast members who r 2 hrs late. Bazonya when they get here,” he wrote, captioning a picture of himself lying on a couch in studio.
He followed this up with a post of him still waiting nearly an hour later with the caption; 
“The show shall go on. @boity I’m so gonna do u hard for making me wait”. 
Let's hope this make it into the show because the thought of Somizi seething because the youngets are keeping him waiting for a shoot would make for great television moment. 

We all know Somizi never minces his words so this could be something like that episode on Oprah: Next Chapter when Jennifer Hudson was late and Oprah had to put her in her place. 

Boity responded a few minutes later with ” Askies!!❤”

Let's hope the cameras were rolling and we are in for some dramatic first episode. This is actually perfect for the premise of the show, which is to give these celebrities a reality check. Perhaps the first reality check for them is that a true professional like Somizi shows up on time hence has had longevity in this business. 

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