Stop Blaming Whites For Every Flaw In The Black Race

Like many South Africans, I was moved by the story the compassionate taxi driver who gave a young man a ride for free in his taxi so the man can go get to his job interview. I read the story on IOL but just as quickly as my heart beamed with pride and joy for the good in humanity expressed in the article, I unfortunately I felt a redundant sigh when I got to the part where the writer had to blame white people for black people's lack of compassion.

When are we as black folks gonna get to a point where we take responsibility for our crap. It serves us no good to justify every shortcoming with being oppressed or colonized. Time to move on and take personal responsibility for our actions.

In the piece written on the site. the writer bemoans;
If a black-majority government is not embroiled in some scandal, a black child has been dumped in a ditch in Diepsloot. Because of this narrative, we have become cynical. We have not only become desensitised by our violent nervous conditions, but we have also ceased to believe in the inherent goodness of our people. We have forgotten there are values that have always defined us. 
One of the cruelest crimes that colonialism committed against African people was to dispossess us of our very humanness. Our value system under the system of capitalism has been greatly eroded and vulgarised by our pursuit for survival under the most inhuman conditions.
The fact that our news bulletins are bombarded with stories of corruption and crime says WE have lost the way. We have the ruling power now and we are failing our people because we are governed by greed.

What this man did is commendable but the fact that there aren't more black people like him, just goes to show that WE have become a self serving individualistic community. You can not blame the white man for that forever!
  • The colonizers are not spending R150mil on a political party's birthday while millions live on less than R10 a day, kids are still learning under trees and the nation is plagued by an epidemic. 
  • The colonisers are not appointing unqualified individuals, without even matric, to posts in government or parastatals
  • Colonisers are not building R250mil homestead next door to people living in mud houses.
It is time we preach accountability and stop coat tailing the injustices of the past to justify our flaws and failures today!

Anyway... remember this is just ... ONE GUY'S OPINION.  

Read the full story of the good hearted taxi driver: HERE

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