The Boondocks Creator Angers Christian Groups With His Black Jesus New Show

Aaron McGruder, the man who pissed off Tyler Perry with his Boondocks parody and still has a job in Hollywood,  is no stranger to controversy and his latest project ‘Black Jesus’ for Adult Swim has angered Christian Groups. They want American network Adult Swim to pull the plug on the show before it ever airs.

McGruder’s comedy show for the Adult Swim network finds Black Jesus, played by actor Gerald “Slink” Johnson, living in Compton, California, where he tells his followers,

“You get money f–king with me.”
Black Jesus is a barbecuing humanitarian who, when questioned about smoking weed, tells one man,
“You do realize I died for your motherf–king sins, right?”
He is shot at by agnostic gangbangers which seems kind of funny considering the Christian Groups are trying to take him out in real life.

lack Jesus is not above getting sassed by the black woman. An angry black woman tells Black Jesus,
 ”Don’t think because you are Jesus that I won’t whoop your ass.”

One group that doesn't find actor Gerald “Slink” Johnson’s portrayal of the Christian deity funny is One Million Moms, a conservative Christian activist organization. The group has called for a boycott of the show and its advertisers, blasting “Black Jesus” for making a “mockery of our Lord.” 
“The foul language used in the trailer, including using the Lord's name in vain, is disgusting,” the group writes on its website. “In addition, there is violence, gunfire and other inappropriate gestures which completely misrepresent Jesus. This is blasphemy!”

A conservative Christian pastor in Illinois followed suit with his own message for Turner Broadcasting, the company behind Adult Swim.
“We, the Christian Community are vehemently opposed and violently offended at this upcoming program,” writes Pastor David A. Rodgers of The House of Prayer For All Nations in Chicago. “There is no way that this show would be aimed at the Jewish or Muslim community. We are demanding an IMMEDIATE retraction of this show and a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the Christian Community at large.”
Now I definitely have to see this show. 

Watch a clip from the show below; 

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