ThudJozi Bags Minister Of Small Business Development

Two months ago I attended a hookup dinner for entrepreneurs in Johannesburg CBD. The initiative is a collaborative effort between young South Africans to encourage budding entrepreneurs to connect, engage and contribute to each's success in their business endeavors. Gotta admit, as a new entrepreneur myself, I left the event very inspired to push my business and knock on doors. 

Whilst at the event, a call was made after an impassioned, informative and surprisingly candid talk by former CEO of Msobumvu Fund — Mr Malose Kekana, to bring the minister of small business in South Africa to one of the dinner events.

I am happy to learn that for their second birthday dinner event, The Hookup Dinner in Johannesburg will have Minister Lindiwe Zulu as the main speaker. This in commemoration of Women's Month, and as an endorsement of our commitment to entrepreneurship and small business in South Africa, by the organizers of THUDJozi. 

About  Minister Ms. Lindiwe Zulu

Ms. Lindiwe Zulu is The Minister of Small Business Development in South Africa. She is Member of the ANC Women's League NEC. Zulu returned from exile in 1992 having lived in Tanzania, Uganda and Angola. 
She did military training in Angola while with the Pan Africanist Women's Organisation. She holds a Master of Arts degree. Ms. Zulu joins us to unpack the agenda of her new ministry as a way of engaging with all stakeholders in the small business sector to address challenges and proposed solutions.
The Hookup Dinner initiative is really a great project that serves to empower young entrepreneurs with the network opportunity that will enable them to grow their businesses. 

The event is a platform for start-up, struggling and established business to get together and share tips and ideas with the goal of helping to build our economy into a less dependable entity on government. 

Personally, I see it as a platform to equip, inform and empower young entrepreneurs with the networking skills needed to help them become formidable players in the business sector. 

To have the Minister at the dinner interacting with young entrepreneurs, answering their questions and hearing their grievances, is certainly something that will be beneficial for the country. Policy makers need to speak directly to their constituencies, hear them and deliver on their mandates.

Congratulations to The Hookup Dinner for 2 years of changing lives and empowering a nation. Here's to 10 more years. 

Note: The Hookup Dinner is also held in Capetown, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria... under the Twitter hashtag THUDCpt, THUDdbn, THUDPta, etc 

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