USA's Magazine Of The Year To Launch An SA Edition

Just when you thought there couldn't be more magazines on the shelves these day, another magazine is joining the highly competitive sector. Fast Company, one of the most progressive business media brands in the United States, is launching a South African edition here in October. Robbie Stammers, publishing editor of Insights Publishing in Cape Town, is bringing the brand to South Africa and will be the publishing editor of the title. 

The publication is well known for two different franchises: Most Innovative Companies and the Most Creative People in Business. For its Most Innovative Companies feature, Fast Company assesses thousands of businesses based on creativity, real-world impact, risk taking, and execution, to create a list of just 50 companies. 

The Most Creative People in Business is a list of 100 persons from a wide range of industries. Fast Company South Africa will publish these global lists locally as well as include lists of the South African equivalents of the most innovative companies and creative people. 

Evans Manyonga joins Stammers as editor of the new publication. 
"I am looking forward to the challenge and I know this publication will reshape consumer publishing in South Africa. It will also ensure the younger generation stays up to date with the emerging business trends in South Africa and, indeed, the world," said Manyonga.  
"In essence, this publication will ensure many people fall in love with magazine publishing once again, through its innovative, insightful, and modern approach to topical business issues." 
Fast Company recently launched an edition in China, and the South African version will be its first global edition in English outside the US. 

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