Vusi Nova Tells Khanyi He Is Not Gay

Caught an episode of Katch It With Khanyi the other day. One of my favourite performers at the moment, Mr Vusi Nova, was the guest on Khanyi Mbau's couch. I have seen a few episodes of the show and will admit; the second season carries more substance than the first. Ms Mbau has settled in her role as an interviewer and it shows. The show is now about the viewer not the host. 

On the show Vusi and Khanyi talked about the singer's love for music, his inspiration and future plans. As someone who was raised by a single parent and lost my mom, I was touched to hear Vusi speak so dearly about his late mom. 

I respect and will always support people who were never handed careers in this business but have had to pay their dues. I have a special appreciation for such individuals and Vusi ranks high in that circle. 

Khanyi questioned Vusi about some pictures that were taken from his Facebook of him and a man who was reported to be his lover. 

The singer refused to entertain any discussion about the pictures ... which I thought was very dignified of him. He needn't comment on something like that if he does not want to — it has nothing to do with his work. 

He did, surprisingly, comment on being gay. In response he said; 
"I am not gay, I have never been engaged ... "
He continued to say that he does not have an issue with homosexuals. He mentioned that his mother used to own a salon and he interacted with a lot of gay people, so he is "ok" with gays. 

For my own personal reasons I cringed when he said that. First thought that came to my mind is that Vusi did not have to answer that question. He could have avoided it just as he did with the question about the pictures.

It is one thing for people to speculate about something, it is another when there is evidence and you blatantly deny it. That is simple PR basics; Rather not say anything. 

I will reiterate, Vusi's sexuality is none of anybody's business, BUT stating categorically that he is NOT gay, he made this gay thing an issue and that is problematic on two fronts;
  1. If he is gay and some people know for a fact that he is gay, saying that he is not and claiming that his only connection with gay people was through his mother's salon business, says that he is a dishonest man or he is ashamed of who he is. 
  2. The ambiguity about his sexuality is what made him endearing and intriguing, stating that he is NOT gay, while there are pictures of him with another man, just sends a message to his gay fans and the industry that there is something wrong with being thought of as being gay.  
That is how people loose fans. Some questions do not need an answer. Any good PR manager would tell you that staying on the fence about such  sometimes is what keeps fans interested.

Why did Vusi feel the need to answer that question and qualify it with the Salon story?

He talked about the fact that the gay story with pictures did not hurt his career one bit. Intrigue spawns interest. He should have left it there. 

Vusi's talent and new infusion of life into this industry will carry him for as long as the industry appreciates his skill.

However, if he is to have longevity in this business, he needn't just work on his nerves on stage at major award shows, he also needs to work on his PR approach. 

Katch It With Khanyi airs on eKasi + (OpenviewHD channel 105) every Fridays at 18h00. 

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