What The Heck Is Going On At Grazia SA?

If you thought Pam Andrews was the only one smoking something of late, then you ought to check on the guys at Grazia SA. As if their latest ridiculous cover stories weren't bad enough, now they just had to go and piss off their potential readers on social media with an ill-conceived interaction drive that even an intern could have known would backfire. 

On Thursday the magazine faced the wrath of South African women scorned when they asked,  on their social media platforms, what exactly makes a woman a “slut”.

“We’d like to hear from Grazia readers: What is it that makes a girl a slut? Is it the way she dresses? What she says? What she does? And with who? [sic] read the post on the magazine’s official Facebook and Twitter platforms.

Of course if they were aiming to get attention and ruffle some feathers (I still refuse to believe that they have lost the plot so much that they did not know this would create some fire), they certainly did get it.

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While some followers were not bothered or offended by the question and happily provided serious answers to this question, a large majority of the responses were  outraged.

Which then begs the question; What gives?


Seriously, I know editors are under pressure to up sales and save the magazines' circulation numbers but has Grazia really gone off the rails completely now?

If their latest cover stories and this incident are an indication of what the future is at Grazia, I do not see the magazine sticking around for long. Who is Grazia? Did the editor forget to ask that question when she took over the reins?

Then again maybe if magazine editors in this country stopped walking red carpets and actually focused on getting to know what is really happening in the industry outside the bubble of trying to be celebrities and hogging American tabloid stories, just maybe we might have authentic well researched and written magazine stories that will drive sales.

But what do I know... afterall mine is just ... ONE GUY'S OPINION!!

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