Donald Causes A Twitter Frenzy With His PalseSA Billboard

Pictures of crooner Donald Moatshe looking all devilishly hot were revealed on Twitter as part of the announcement of Palse SA's new campaign. Donald has been working with the South African fashion brand for a while — two have had some hits and misses along the way but it would appear this latest stunt is scoring them some major buzz. 

Palse SA is local fashion house, which has dressed male celebrities like Donald, Vusi Kunene and Kwesta.

Donald graces the fashion house’ first billboard, which was put up in Soweto yesterday. While his fans, and I'm not complaining here, lauded his great chiseled physique, it occurred to me that the message of the billboard may just get lost in translation. 

A fashion billboard for a clothing label without any clothes! The billboard, if you don't know what Palse SA is, seems like a promotion for Donald rather than the brand. The picture reads more like an edgy CD cover. 

We are a country that flutters over a satire article about mermaids in President Jacob Zuma's pool. Can Palse SA really trust that potential consumers will be able to decipher the message they are trying to relay in that billboard?

I am all for boldness and innovative thinking, but I also understand that ideas that work great in Europe and America, do not translate as well in Mzansi. Here it is "SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY... as plainly as possible" 

We burn schools to get clinics instead of voting out ineffective leaders in this country so it would serve any marketer well to know the South African consumer and understand what captures his or her attention and what motivates him to open his wallet. 

Anyway that's just one guy's opinion.

Donald looks hella HAWT!! Congratulations to Paledi and his Palse SA team. It is always encouraging to see local brands grow or make strides towards growing. Let's hope the billboard delivers desired results for the brand. 

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