Fired Generations Actors Call Salary Figures "A Blatant Untruth"

This morning just before the SABC press conference, the Generations Actors Guild, sent the media a press release where they claim that the salary figures the SABC and MMSV Productions are communicating are "untruth". 

It is worth noting that the media, myself included, had not heard from the SABC and the production company yet when this statement was sent to us. Which then begs the question; Are the actors saying that the R55 000 amount that was subsequently announced by the panel at the press conference a lie?

The question, of course, culminates from a notion that the actors' representative knew that the panel will put forward the R55 000 a month claim. If not, what amount are they refuting?

This is what the release from Generations Actors Guild stated:
The Generations Actors Guild notes with interest that MMSV Productions and the SABC are hosting a press conference to “clear the air” around the dismissal of the 16 members of Generations principal act.
The guild also notes with dismay that the SABC and MMSV Productions have been on a campaign of communicating misinformation about salaries and rates that the cast allegedly earns – these claims are a blatant untruth, and the guild recognizes them for what they are -  a petty tactic to turn public opinion against the cast, and paint them as opportunistic, greedy and overpaid.  Equally concerning is the fact that their erstwhile employers deem it appropriate to reveal salaries – even as they are a complete fabrication.  As an action, it is unethical and totally inappropriate. 
The members of the Generations Actors Guild will hold a press conference, where they will speak to the issues and provide a proper and true context of their working conditions and issues that led them to this point.
As indicated in my previous article about the salary issue, I did send a question to the Generations Actors Guild asking for the salary figures and I was told that the cast earns on average 25 - 30% less than actors on other SABC shows. 

It is then difficult to ascertain the facts in this matter, if the cast will only give percentages and the SABC gives amounts. The bosses win this round on those terms. 

It is also important to point out that, while R55 000 a month sound exorbitant, it is an amount that has to be matched to the profits that the show is making. The SABC and MMSV may sell that as a big amount but if the show is making R500 million (as it has been reported) then this salary amount is indeed peanuts. The panel did not divulge the profits of the show at the media briefing.

Just because Thabo works for a company that makes R100 profit and he earns R5 salary, it does not mean Thandi working for a company that makes R10 000 ans she earns R50 is being greedy in asking for a raise.

Unfortunately, if the Generations Actors Guild and its members are not willing to talk figures then they are shooting themselves on the foot. The only way that they can convince the public that they are being exploited is to reveal what they each earn and what the production profits are. Simple. 

The question today after the press conference at the SABC and the press release by the actors, is still; WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH?

The Generations Actors Guild will host their own press conference on Monday. Let us hope all the 16 actors will be there and not just their representative. This is to avoid a situation later where people will be saying that they were misrepresented by their representative. They should be there even if they do not speak or engage withe the media. 

... this is just ONE GUY's OPINION. 

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