Fired Generations Stars Thank The Public For The Support

Just in: Dismissed Generations stars via their representatives, the Generations Actors Guild, have sent out a statement to the public to thank them for their support.  The statement highlights the messages of support from a broad range of South African society. 

Since making the decision to withhold their services as actors from the SABC1 show, Generations, the Generations Actors Guild have received messages of support from a broad range of South African society, and are heartened by the public’s empathy and support of their situation.

Amongst the organisations who have officially expressed their support of the cast’s action are the ANC Youth League (ANCYL),  Creative Workers Union of South Africa (CWUSA), Department of Arts & Culture (DAC), the Media Workers of South Africa (MWASA) and the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) – each of whom have deplored the drastic action of dismissing the 16-strong principal cast members who decided not to report to set.  Over and above this, there has been a deluge of supportive statements from the public on social networks and in the media.

“Embarking on this action was a difficult decision for all of us, but in light of the events that transpired, we really didn’t see any other option available to us.  We have always been clear that we wanted an open dialogue, but sadly, this hasn’t been forthcoming.  It is extremely encouraging, therefore, to receive such an outpouring of support from our fans, fellow workers and various industry and political organisations.”
comments the Generations Actors Guild.

The withholding of services was a result of the SABC and MMSV Productions refusal to address the various grievances that the cast had put to them in the original action of October 2013, namely:

·      The payment of royalties and syndication fees for episodes of Generations that are broadcast in various countries worldwide – as per contractual agreements, and international best practice. 
·      MMSV Productions  and SABC to review the payment rates, rationalize and bring them in line with industry standards and norms. 
·      Cast members to receive 3-year contracts – (especially in light of the fact that the intensity of the shooting schedule means that the cast is virtually exclusively committed to Generations, and effectively unable to pursue other projects to supplement their income.)

“This is essentially a labour issue, and we are glad that people understand it for what it is.  The creative economy operates within a very specific context where payment, royalties and fees are concerned.   A great deal of effort has been put into painting us as greedy actors who want to lead extravagant lifestyles. Nothing could be further from the truth – this is about our livelihoods, NOT a lifestyle. We are fighting for industry conditions that are recognized as international best practice in the creative industry and economy. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the love and support, and look forward to a resolution to this lamentable situation.”

SABC sent out invitations to the media on Tuesday to attend a press conference about Generations. I got the invitation.

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