Former Child Star Robert Ri'chard Strips Down ... HOT PICS (NSFW)

Most South Africans will probably not recognize the name Robert Ri'chard, but will likely recognise the star from the show One On One, which aired on SABC 1 few years ago. Well, "Anez" is all grown up and just he was always showing off his perks on that show, he is now showing much more. 

Sadly Robert's career has not really blossomed beyond his stint as " Anez". After some few cracks at a film career which saw him appear in rather forgetful films in the states and some tv commercials, Robert faded off the radar.

The now 31 year old star popped up in 2011 on a hit tween vampire drama, The Vampire Diaries, but the role failed to reignite his once promising career. 

With striking good looks, thanks to his creole ancestry - he is of (French, African American, Native American, and Spanish) descent, the star has now decided to use 'gifts' to make waves again and we NOTICED. 

Be warned the pics are a tad racy ;

Warned ya!!

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