Former SA's Got Talent Judge's Son Steals The Show

The son of former SA's GOT TALENT judge, Ian Von Memorty, Oscar wowed the audience in the auditorium at the Johannesburg leg of the shows open audition at UJ Arts Centre. The little guy with a massive load of personality (... and sass) had everyone enthralled by his impressive hip-hop dancing moves and roaring with laughter with his quirky off-the-cuff wit. 

Oscar von Memerty is a 17-year-old hip hop dancer and motivational speaker. He has a rare condition called Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome, which is characterised by dwarfism amongst other symptoms. But do not feel sorry for this guy because he will be the first to tell you that his limitation are just in other people's heads not his.

He is involved in corporate and school roadshow with his crew from Zinto, a brand activation, entertainment and event company, speaking to company employees and school children and motivating them with his life story and hip hop dance performances. 

Oscar believes his role in life is to use the power of dance to demonstrate that perseverance and positive thinking will give you the opportunity to fulfill your potential, purpose and passion.

His life story aside, the guy does have talent. I was told that he practices a lot at home and it shows. Oscar was pulling moves that I have seen full bodies dancers struggles to finish clean. 

His precision and technique mastering is just on point, as SA's Got Talent Judge and dancer, Lalla Hirayama, pointed out in her remarks after his audition. 

Oscar is a star, and I just hope that his being a former judge's son will not have any impact in him progressing in the show. Whether he wins or not, I believe having this platform will only enhance his profile and hopefully get him to inspire even more people with his tenacity, talent and humility. 

I was inspired and I am new fan. 

Catch the first episode of SA'S GOT TALENT on Sunday, 7 September at 18:05 on and HD (OpenView HD Channel 104). 

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