Friday Quickie: AKA, Maggie Benedict, Trevor Noah, etc

It's the weekend babbbby! I aint got time to write full articles so this is  Phil's Friday Quickie — a rundown of the stories that piqued my attention today ...

  • Flychic Still Makes Music
VEntertainment presenter Denise Zimba has released her first solo track. The Generations actress and former Fly Chix band member’s song is titled Who Are We. I haven't heard the track but I( am told that it is decent enough to make me forgive Zimba for ruining Vuzu for me.

  • Maggie Benedict's Lawyer Wants Her Panado Theft Case To Be Dismissed
Former Generations actress Maggie Benedict’s lawyer Jonathan Kaiser thinks the case is going nowhere slowly. Jonathan told the court that the prosecution had failed to prove it had a case against Maggie. The case continues today.

  • Trevor Noah's Stint On BBC Live At The Apollo To Air Next Week 
BBC’s Live at the Apollo series makes its return on DSTV’s BBC Entertainment on 12 August with our very own comedian Trevor Noah will featured on the first episode.

  • AKA Makes One Of  His Young Fans' Dream Come True
Always known that AKA is a softy at heart. All this bravado and arrogance is just a persona but the guy is one of the most chilled guys I have met in this business. Mr Arrogance made hearts melt when he posted pictures of a young kid called Mpho and him having a great day together. Turns out AKA took some time out of his busy schedule to spend the day with Mpho who’s wish was to meet the rapper. The fun day was made possible by the Reach for a Dream Foundation.The two spent the day playing arcade games. Sweet man. 


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