Generations Creator Mfundi Vundla Will NOT Work With Axed 16 Actors Again

It would appear that the proverbial door is now shut on any chance of the fired 16 principal actors to return to Generations. While the axed actors are contemplating what will become of their careers, the creator and executive producer of South Africa’s most successful show says he wants nothing to do with them after what they said of him at their press conference. 

City Press reports that the producer is currently holidaying on Mackinac Island on Lake Huron in northern Michigan in the US.

Mfundi Vundla jetted off to the luxury island on Saturday. Before he left though he made sure to inform South Africa that the new soapie would include none of the 16 principal actors who were fired. 
“There is no way I can work with them again,” he said.  
“The relationship has completely broken down, especially after the drama and the lies they told at the press conference.”
On Tuesday, the fired actors held a media briefing in Newtown, Johannesburg, to address what they called the “utter lies” Vundla told at his press conference the previous Friday.

The producers is hitting back and seems to particularly offended by Zikhona Sodlaka's stament that Generations is owned by "The Starks"

Zikhona Sodlaka, told a media contingecy at the press conference;
“What people don’t know is that the show belongs to the Starks. Mr Vundla also works there.”
Vundla described Sodlaka’s statement as defamatory.
“I created and still own Generations,” he said. 
“Even when you read the contract from the SABC, it is addressed to MMSV Productions which stands for Mfundi Michael-Scott Vundla. 
“We have a production relationship with [Friedrich] Stark, which means I co-manage the production with him. He looks for and recommends directors, writers and wardrobe people. 
“But I have the final say as to who is hired.” 
City Press further reports that Vundla said he was more saddened by veteran actor John Kani – father of one of the show’s stars Atandwa – jumping on the bandwagon; and worse, “advocating for the invasion of the SABC studios”.
“I have great respect for Kani and I still can’t believe he did that,” he said.
It was always going to be awkward for the actors to return to Generations after such heated war of words between them and the producers. One only hoped that, should they return, in time both parties would out their past transgressions behind them. 

Sadly, the latest utterances from Mr Vundla seem to indicate that the end of Generations as we know it is indeed upon us and we should prepare ourself for the "New Generations". 

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