Generations Head Writer Says She Is Tired Of Answering Media Questions

Imagine my utter shock when an industry friend alerted me to a respond Generations Headwriter Bongi Ndaba sent to Heat Magazine regarding media probes on Katlego Danke's place in the show, given that she is now pregnant. Though shocked, I also can not say that I am surprised that a Head Writer for a television show could tell the media that she is tired of answering questions about a show's star, this is South Africa. 

At first I was inclined to blame this total lack of respect for the industry and the show's fans by Ms Ndaba as just another sign of arrogance — but Bongi has every reason not to care whether the media reports on her show or not. Generations has a loyal following.

They can rip off The Hangover, have people moan everyday that the show has lost its lustre but come 8pm, millions of South Africans tune in to watch the show. It is then not surprising that the show's head writer does not think engaging with the media or sharing information with the viewers is important. They'll watch any way. 

Bongi is quoted as having said to a Heat writer, when asked if Katlego Danke will be written out of the show; 
“I will say it again and I am so tired of saying this – Katlego’s private matters are Katlegos. Not Generations. Ask her. And if she wants me to comment, then she must tell me. With whatever angle you guys try to use, we shall not engage in it. Trust me, I’ve gotten so many angles. With all respect to the actress, her business is not our business.”

If Ms Ndaba is so tired of answering questions pertaining to her job maybe it is time she made way for someone else who would respect the fact that part of the job description is keeping the media informed about the show and its stars.. 

A simple "yes" or 'no' ... even the ambiguous "NO COMMENT" would have sufficed instead of her stating that she tired of answering the questions.

Another thing; why did she not refer the questions to the publicists, if she is tired of answering queries about Katlego Danke? 

It is a shame that we have gotten to this point with South Africa's much loved show and channel. 

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