Generations Principal Actors Earn R55 000 On Average

SABC and MMSV held a press conference today, Friday 22, to address the issues surrounding the dismissal of 16 actors. One of the issues was money and the panel did not miss a beat in revealing the figures. 

On Wednesday, I asked the publicist for the Generations Actors Guild for figures. I asked this so that I, as a viwer and a concerned industry colleague,  I can ascertain the fact and gauge the situation based on numbers. She was not able to give me any of salary figures of the actors. 

I was dissappointed because I felt that knowing the actual amount these actors ear, one would be able to make sense of the issue of exploitation. 

Well, today the SABC and MMSV revealed that on average the 16 Generations actors earn R55 000 a month. 

Generations producer Frederik Stark pointed put the number is not a blanket salary for all the principal actors as some in the production earn more or less.  

It was also revealed that the actors get six weeks of production break in a year. 

The producers refuted claims of a dire life on the set of Generations. They piointed out that actors get three meals a day and have their own dressing rooms. 

Mr Stark pointed out that some actors make unreasonable demand, that is when Executive producer/Creator Mfundi Vundla chimed in and said "Bodygurads". Insinuating that some actors want bodyguards. 

The Generations Actors Guild, an organisation representing the fired actors,  will hold a press conference on Monday

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