Khanyi Mbau Claims She Earned R80 000 On Muvhango

Gotta love our girl Khanyi! Of course the biggest entertainment story of the decade in Mzansi could not just blow over without the Queen of Bling somehow injecting herself in there. Of course Greenwall Productions was ready to milk that for all its worth. In the promo for at soon-to-be aired interview, Ms Mbau reveals that she earned a staggering R80 000 during her stint on a soapie. 

Khanyi, who played the controversial character of Doobsie on Muvhango, shares this interesting info during a taped interview with The Close Up journalist Nicky Greenwall.

In the video uploaded on Greenwall Productions' the star says; 
“I mean I was 17 when I got onto the show. My first pay cheque that I got from the show was R80 000. I’ve never worked in my life. Um, yes I made money from Kideo Kids but it was always my Mom’s money. 
“And here I am, the first pay cheque is R80 000, boom, in my account. And I’d only opened the account two days before because they told me, ‘We need an account to put your money in.’ And here I am with R80,000,” 
Ok let's just say it, the statement is a tad opportunistic and does not make Khanyi look good. Obviously one would have to actually watch the episode to get the context — that is exactly what Greeenwall Productions is baiting us to do. 

As it stands though, Khanyi comes across as arrogant and insensitive. As Generations stars are fighting for a fair wage, to have Ms Mbau boasting about her R80k she used to earned 10 years ago can be construed as a bit of shade.

What of the current Muvhango stars? If Khanyi is not mentioning the R80 000 as a way to show that actors on these soapies should be earning more, then her statement could be seen as provocation by the Muvhango team.  

That said, I love this woman. She understands PR. If I was her manager I would kiss her right now because she has just made a story that had nothing to do with her ... a story that  no-one would have connected with the name Khanyi Mbau and she just wrapped herself in it by extension. 

Khanyi is now part of the biggest entertainment story of our country right now. 

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