Kim Kardashian Pisses Off Beyonce Fans

Mrs West sent the BeyHive on a frenzy this week by seemingly throwing shade at Jay Z and Beyonce. The media has been reporting that things are not all well in the Carter home and an impending split has been anticipated for months now. After the elevator incident, the rumored imminent split stories went on overdrive... and now it is the very same elevator incident that has Kim caught up in a Beyonce/JayZ diss drama.

Word is that Kim and Kanye are done kissing up to the Carters.

Last month Kim Kardashian was accused of shading Jay Z and Beyonce by insinuating that they stole Kanye's ski mask idea for their On the Run Tour. Kim Kardashian posted a picture of Kanye West wearing a face mask just like the ones worn by Jay Z and Beyonce in their On the Run Tour promos with the hash tags #LastYear #ThrowbackThursday and #StyleIcons.

Then last week Kim poked the BeyHive again. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kim talked  about a certain celebrity couple who bailed on her wedding but didn't bother to call and say they weren't coming.  

Needless to say, just as she said it the everyone said she is shading Jay Z and Beyonce. 

Part of what she said was;  
“We had this long table that everyone was eating at on the wedding, and instead of having place cards, we engraved everyone’s name in this marble table. The worst was, like, someone canceling last-minute and not telling us, and there’s, like, their names engraved.” 
“I don’t want to out anyone, but someone did. We tried to put white paint and cover the name.”
This week Kim K West Instagrammed a photo of her and hubby Kanye West kissing inside an elevator... within minutes the BeyHive was on her case. Many pointed out that Kim was clowning the Carters' elevator brawl.

So is Kim really trying to send a message to the world about her relationship with Beyonce and Jay Z, or are Bey fans throwing toys again? 

Hehehe ... Now people can not be photographed in elevators without it being tied to Beyonce. Haai suka!

If Kim & Kanye were indeed trying to clown the "elevator incident" maybe they were just doing it in jest. Bey herself is poking fun at the incident in the "Flawless" remix. Hell she even uses cash till sounds when she sings about it, seemingly saying the media attention after the incident just made her more money. 

Be that as it may, until Kim openly says she has issues with Beyonce then this whole hoohah is nothing but reading and interpreting things to suit one's own view of each of the star.  

Gotta admit, it does make for fun reading though ... 

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