Kuli Roberts Is Returning To TV

She's back. Controversial tv personality, Kuli Roberts is set to make a return to TV. The Kaya FM radio presenter has scored a new show on DSTV’s Trace Sports Stars channel. 

According to Grazia Magazine, Roberts will host a new show, titled Scandalous Fridays on Trace Sports Stars channel. 

The premise of the show is said to be focused on the shameful situations that famous sports stars from around the world have found themselves in. So basically, it is much like her former stint on Mzansi Magic's Headline. 

The obviously question is, what Kuli know about sport? Fear not. The out spoken presenter told Gazia; 
” I know nothing about sports, but this show isn’t really about that. Rather, I chat about international and local sportsmen who’ve got themselves into trouble over the years. ” 
I love Kuli. We co-presented Zoopy so I will always be happy that she continues to get work.

I did however pause for a sec when I heard these news and wondered if the next thing I will be reporting would be Chomee's Reality show on eNCA. Kuli Roberts on a sports channel? Somehow that does not scream good bedfellows to me. 

Scandalous Fridays debuts on Friday, 3 October at 9pm on DSTV's TRACE Sports Stars.  

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