Lorna Maseko Joins Host Of Local Celebs For MasterChef South Africa Celeb Edition

The South African pay-TV broadcaster MNet announced at the M-Net and MultiChoice's DStv Local Content Showcase on Monday that a Master Chef South Africa Celebrity edition was filmed and will be broadcast early next year. A host of celebrities were announced as part of the already shot series. One name that brightened up my day was Lorna Maseko.

After being sidelined at Top Billing for a while and having her friend Bonang being hired to become the black face, when Lorna had being toiling on in the show for a minute, must have been a hard pill to swallow.

I can imagine that it felt like the show's producers were telling her that she is not good enough. 

After a stint on a rather forgetful season on So You Think You Can Dance as a judge, it is refreshing to see Ms Maseko take on some other projects outside the Top Billing cloud. 

Lorna will be one of 10 South African celebrities who took part in Celebrity MasterChef South Africa who include Patricia Lewis, Sade Giliberti, Lunga Shabalala, Terence Bridgett, Magdalene van der Merwe, Tall Ass Mo', Lerato Moloi, Alex Jay and Chris Forrest.

Congratulations to Lorna. She is not one of the most approachable person in this industry but I like her, so it is nice to finally have something positive to report about her. 

The MasterChef South Africa Celebrity edition will be broadcast on M-Net in January 2015.

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