Muvhango Creator Duma Ka Ndlovu Refutes Khanyi's R80 000 Claim

Today Mvhango creator and producer Duma Ka Ndlovu took to his Facebook account to address claims made by Khanyi Mbau that she earned R80 000 while she played Doobsie on the Venda show. 

In a scathing but very direct message Mr Ka Ndlovu says Khanyi is a reflection of how low our society has sank.

He also insinuates that the tv star is an attention seeker by pointing out that she has made a career out of hogging media attention

His full statement:

I have watched a clip of this interview over and over again, (with Khanyi Mbau saying that she was paid R80 000 a month playing Doobsie in Muvhango 10years ago), trying to search for answers. She speaks with so much confidence she sounds as though she believes herself! The more I watch her the more I am disturbed, because she is a reflection of our society and how low we have sunk. 
Khanyi has always wanted to hog the public space, and at times I have admired how she has managed to sell/market herself. However a number of factors are at play here that make Khanyi's posturing a bit dangerous! 
The Public broadcaster is engaged with the producers of Generations and the 16 actors in efforts to come to an amicable solution about their demands for higher wages. Standing on soap boxes and telling brazen lies is not going to help the cause. Lets remember that production houses, and the SABC, have records of who is paid what and when. 
There is no production house in South Africa, today in 2014, that can pay a young inexperienced teenager R80 000, today, let alone in 2004. We as a production house have met with the SABC several times (with some of our actors) to talk about salary parity across the industry and are hoping that some progress will be made in that regard. The side voices that are trying to get attention on this matter should tell the truth or shut the hell up, because they will not help the debate. 
There is no industry person, in their right mind, who can revel and enjoy the impasse that is happening between Generations and the Actors, we are all praying for a speedy resolution. This is not a time for populism and people who want to put their faces on television and newspapers...
Khanyi has become the second person celebrity to have been called a liar after an interview with Nicky Greewall. The first was Amanda Du Pont after her claims in an interview with the entertainment reporter that she is a Swazi princess.

Again I ask that we wait until the actual interview airs so that we can read Khanyi's comments and the situation in proper context. Let us not forget that the video is just a snippet of a full answer Khanyi was giving, which could easily have been edited to lure viewers, and would reveal a totally different perspective once watched in full. 

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Michelle said...

You seem to have forgotten when writing this that SABC 3 has the smallest footprint in South Africa. They have a footprint of less than 3million people and this is now in 2014.

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