Naija Actor Ik Ogbonna Says He Is Disgusted By Gays

Nigerian model turned actor Ik Ogbonna has apparently been tagged with rumours that he is gay and a gigolo. In an attempt to set the record straight, the actor goes a tad too far. 

Firstly, why should you as a South African care about what a bigoted Nigerian actor you never heard of has to say? Well, Mzansi and Naija entertainers have been collaborating more and more of late. It is inevitable that in the not-so-far future our entertainment industries will be feeding off each other. 

With that, a lot of Naija stars are frequenting our country and some are getting support from our people. It is then important that we get to know our continental counterparts, even bigoted nobody actors like this guy. 

In an attempt to quell gay rumors surrounding him, the actor told NET during a recent interview;
 ‘I disgust it even the bible does. My love for women is even so much that you must be extremely feminine for me to love you.’
Ok, we'll forgive him for the broken English but not the senseless bigotry. Mr Ogbonna is entitled to his views, that is fine ... but if we are going to support Naija stars, we really need to make sure we do not support people who advocate hate. 

Next time you see a film on OpenviewHD's eAfrica+ or DSTV's "Africa Magic" starring Ik Ogbonna, remember that this is a guy who tried to sway perceptions that he is gay by perpetuating his country's homophobic trite. 

To be fair, I kinda understand why Ik would want to remove himself from any association with being gay. Afterall the guy lives in a country that prosecutes people for loving people of the same sex, even though the country is in the top 5 of countries with the highest gay pornography searches on the internet

Still, the guy could have just said "I'm not gay" and left it there. 


Mo said...

I'm not surprised.

Darknlovely said...

And you just made him popular by giving him a platform here. Bravo

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