Naija Crossover Star Flavour N'abania Shows Off His Hot Bod ... And We Ain't Complaining!

If you thought female stars like Pam Andrews are the only ones obsessed with taking nude selfies, well you are in for a wake up call. Male stars on the continent are fast joining the trend. Nigearian musician, who made the biggest crossover song between Mzansi and Naija — Nwa Baby, Flavour, has been taking off his clothes to show off his ripped bod. And we got the pics... 

Flavour N'abania took to his official Instagram account to share 3 new bathroom selfies. The “Nwa Baby” star is seen wearing checkered boxers, under his white bath towel while he snaps his semi nude selfies. 

 For no other reason but just to be thorough with my reporting (insert naughty laugh here), I perused through Flavour's page and noticed that this guy does not like being in clothes much.

It seems the singer will take off his clothes at every chance he gets to show off his ripped physique.

The evidence;

Well if you got it, flaunt it... right?

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