Off Screen Drama Brews For Another SABC Soapie

I was shocked when I checked my emails this morning. I received an email from someone who claims to be a concerned 7de Laan fan. The fan alerted me to a report by TV critic Thinus Ferreira, that 7de Laan might be the next soapie to be at odds with the SABC. 

I made a few phone calls and I can confirm that while my sources do not want to be quoted, they somewhat concede that Mr Ferreira's report is accurate in part. 

Ferreira claims that dramatic changes are coming to 7de Laan on SABC2 - the SABC's biggest and only predominantly Afrikaans language weekday soap - since the show is apparently too Afrikaans and not multicultural enough according to SABC executives.
SABC executives apparently also ordered production changes in the on-air cast, as well as behind the scenes because 7de Laan is apparently not multicultural enough. 
SABC executives apparently ordered a dramatic cut to specifically Afrikaans in 7de Laan, by possibly as much as 80%. - writes Ferreira
Besides the cut to specifically the amount of Afrikaans heard in the popular soap, Danie Odendaal Productions apparently also has to appoint more "non-white" actors to appear on screen in the soap who will not be speaking Afrikaans while subtitles will remain in English only, appoint more "black" crew and creative staff instead of "white" directors and writers, as well as a "black" consultant to advise on storylines.

Ferreira further points out that the SABC didn't respond to his enquiries made on Friday and Saturday seeking comment about the show and the changes ordered.

While my source confirms that there has been some concern made regarding diversity in "some" SABC shows, the source falls short of admitting that there is a crisis brewing between Odendaal Productions and the SABC. 
"Changes are coming but I don't think there are as dramatic as Thinus wants you to believe" - says my source
Here's my view; I trust Thinus implicitly. He is one of those reporters that I have known to not shy away from reporting facts not "comment enticing" article that serves to hook Tweets than tell an informative story. He is also someone I admire greatly for being relentless in always giving the full picture of our television industry. 

As with every reporter, unless you have a direct quote from the involved parties, you write your story on blind faith but with trust in your sources paralleled with experience of the industry, you can deduce what is fact and what is fiction. 

Simply, I know the person I spoke to has a vested interest in minimizing any negative perception of the show, so I trust Thinus when he says the situation is serious. 

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