Mfundi Vundla Assures Public That Generations Will Continue Without Actors

A shocking sigh of disbelief reverberated through the industry this afternoon when we received information that the striking actors of South Africa's most watched and highly financially successful show, Generations, were fired. After the dismissal of 16 principal actors, the obvious question was whether the show will continue. The bosses say YES. 

Generations attracts an audience of 7.5 million viewers per weeknight on the SABC's SABC1 at 20:00 making it by far the most watched show on South African television for the past 21 years and dwarfing the rest of the top five shows on free-to-air television in the country.
"The SABC and MMSV Productions would like to assure the public that measures have been put in place to ensure the future of Generations," says the SABC in a statement.
Ok, Generations episodes are recorded six weeks in advance, which means all the recorded episodes will carry the show until the end of September.

The show's creator iin an interview on 702 said that the actors' demands were "completely unreasonable". He is further claimed that, "Of the 20 highest paid actors in South Africa, 12 of them are in Generations." 
"We are running a business. The show must go on" said Mfudi Vundla, the show's executive producer. 

"These actors found Generations in existence, there were other actors before and there will be other actors in the future.. Generations will go on."
Personally, I think this is just grandstanding by the Generations bosses. Yes no actor is bigger than Generations but 16 lead actors just disappearing from the show at the same time, that will hurt the show.

That said, Mr Vundla's confidence that the show will carry on, may not be completely unfarthomable. Many predicted that the show will sink after Sello Maake KaNcube, Pamela Nomvete and other formidable stars of the show at the time left — 15 years later Generations is pulling the highest number of viewers by any show in SA history. 

What will the writers do? 

We had an tremor the other day. That could be an inspiration to the writers. Ezweni may just collapse and kill all these characters. Stay tuned!!

Your suggestions?

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