Second Naija Artist Gets Blasted For Featuring Light Skinned Non-Naija Women In A Music Video

There is a growing trend in Nigeria. Naija male musicians are jetting off out of the continent and their country to shoot their music videos with "yellowbones", flaunt their success and collaborate with international stars. However, this new fodder of light skinned females featuring in these African stars' videos is not sitting well with the folks back home.  

First it was Wizkid, who received a backlash from fans back in Nigeria for his latest music video which was shot in Miami. The video which featured a lot of Miami area models was troubling to some fans due to the lack of dark skinned models.

Fans were quick to rebuke the star's choice of  'friends': 

This was not the first time the singer got heat over skin shade issue.  Back in November 2013, he and Akon came under fire for reportedly refusing dark skinned ladies to be featured in their video shoot in Accra.

This week another Naija star Iyanya, who may be less known to South Africans,  released images from his latest video shoot for the song "Mr Oreo", which was shot in New York. 

Similarly, the fans noted that the Naija star's leading lady was a shade too light to be playing an African star's love interest in a video aimed at a Nigerian fan base. 

One unhappy fan wrote; 
Now everyone wants to shoot videos in the UK, US, South Africa, etc and use either white or biracial women as leads…smh…how many foreign artists come to shoot their videos in Nigeria…I wish these artists would celebrate their own country and show off the beauty even more. Nigeria is a very beautiful place. I don’t see any creativity in music videos anymore. They are all the same…put the artist in a big house and put some white girls in the background…
So, are these Naija artists catching a case of jungle fever or they are just exposing that all too common inferiority complex thing among black people, where being with lighter shaded race partners is seen as a form of achievement?

Or Naija fans are just making an issue out of nothing?

Would it bother you if a South African male star went to shoot a video overseas and not feature any dark skinned girls?

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