Skeem Saam Star Expresses Some Humility

He has earned a bit of reputation in the business as one of those arrogant new TV people, but turns out Limpopo-born actor, Eric Macheru — who plays the role of troublesome Leeto Maputla, has some humility in him. In an interview with Daily Sun, the star reveals his gratitude about the opportunities afforded him by his status as a working actor. He also shares the trouble he gets into with old mamas over his character's behaviour. 

As the troublesome Leeto Maputla,  right now he has his parents not knowing what to do with him. This was after he brought home an unexpected guest — a French sugar mama, Amber La Fonde, played by former Generations star Hanli Rolfes- Opperman.

Eric tells the daily newspaper that he often finds himself being reprimanded by older mamas at malls because they don’t agree with what he has got himself into. 

He also shares that he had to do a lot of research for his role's current storyline. Truth be told, I am not feeling the Leeto character on the show. I just find it boring and seemingly a filler for more interesting plot points but it is commendable to know that Macheru put some effort in giving his character some authenticity. 
“I had to do a lot of research when I was told what my character would be.
“I happen to have a friend who is in a similar relationship and he gave me some useful advice,” he is quoted. 
It is when he is asked aboutu the current development in the SABC1 drama, with Skeem Saam being made into a soapie, that the star kind of dispels the perception that is all uppity. 
“We found out about this a few months back and it was exciting. Even the style of shooting has changed,” he is quoted. 
He told the paper that he was enjoying his new storyline, the job and all the perks that comes with acting in a soapie.

These guys come into the industry, get some attention, a few perks and they start losing their manners. BUT soon they get to know the industry and understand their place in it and the fact that it could all disappear in a moment, then they stop that silly frivolity of being arrogant over being on tv.

It's growing up and it is a beautiful thing to watch, because then after you can start appreciating their work and craft because you are not put off by their reputation.  

Congratulate to Eric Macheru for his new found fame and hopefully success. 

Catch Eric as Leeto on Skeem Saam on SABC1 every weekday at 18h30

Credit: Original interview was conducted by Doreen Molefe for Daily Sun

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