Think You Are An Alcoholic? Take the test ...

The weekend is over and some of you may have some few regrets due to over indulging on the bottle. Drinking responsibly is something that should always be in our minds whenever we indulge in alcohol, and some who over-do it, may not even know. The Huffington Post has put together a checklist of things that could point towards signs of alcoholism.

1. Most of your social events are centered around drinking, and if there isn’t drinking, you feel disappointed or no longer want to attend.

2. Nothing is ever alcohol’s fault.

3. You don’t care about consequences and convince yourself such an event was a one-time occurrence.

4. More than once, you’ve made a less-than-thought-out decision regarding the opposite sex.

5. Your hangovers become more severe.

6. The illegality of drinking underage and/or being in a bar underage no longer fazes you.

7. You rationalize, rationalize, rationalize your use.

8. One is one too many, one more is never enough.

9. You realize it is taking you more and more alcohol to feel the effects to the magnitude you want.

10. Your physical appearance is changing, and not for the better.

11. After a night out, you find yourself doing damage control more often than not.

Read more on each of the points and the full story on the Huffington Post.

1 comment:

BeyStan_ said...

None that describes me lol..
.I'm still safe. I don't crave alcohol like this friend of mine...with/out alcohol I still have fun at the events and I don't drink more than 3dumpies that's what I set for myself.

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