Transport And Parking Info For Arts Alive Jazz On The Lake Concert

The Johannesburg Arts Alive International Festival will kick off with the Jazz on the Lake concert, the annual daytime concert that’s become known as Joburg’s unofficial welcome to spring. Set to take place on Sunday, August 31 from 11:00 to 17:30, the festival has maintained its proud 22 year tradition of offering quality, free entertainment to Joburg residents and visitors.

The performance line up for Jazz on the Lake consists of the iconic, Johnny Clegg who is joined by jazz specialist, Mbuso Khoza; acapella trio, The Soil; Afro soul crooner, Vusi Nova and Limpopo reggae star, Colbert Mukwevho. International acts include Afro jazz muso Josh Meck from Zimbabwe; Remna Schwarz (Cape Verde) and Vidya Shah (India).

The usual house-rules and logistics around the free show will be in effect this year – a strict cordon of road closures will be placed around the area and a system of park and rides will be in place to ferry audiences to the venue. An initiative that will bring much relief to Jazz on the Lake audiences is the inclusion of the e-Tuk-Tuks, which will relieve those who’ve chosen to walk, by ferrying them to the venue within the cordoned off area. 

The Park and Ride buses will be available from the following points:

1.                  Joburg Metro Building, Braamfontein
2.                  Alexandra Football Stadium – Alexandra

The Park and Ride Service will run from 9h00 until 21h00– frequency of the runs as follows:

·                     From 9h00 – 13h00 – every half hour

·                     From 17h30 – 20h00 – every half hour.

Members of the public can catch the Rea Vaya bus service to the Metro Building in Braamfontein,   (Opposite Joburg Theatre) from where they can access the Park & Ride buses to Zoo Lake.   

Without resident parking passes, members of the public will not be able to access the area by car. The road closures will be strictly enforced. Members of the public are encouraged to utilise the park and ride facilities in place.

As a family event, Jazz on the Lake enforces a strict no weapons, and no alcohol policy – there will be vendors and a beer garden on site where beverages will be on sale.  Audiences are encouraged to come equipped with picnic baskets, camp-chairs and blankets for maximum comfort at the Zoo Lake lawns.

The road closures will be located at the following points on Sunday, August 31 between 7:00 and 19:00

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) External Road Closures between 7:00 and 19:00:

  • Jan Smuts AT Loch Avenue    

  • Jan Smuts AND The Valley Road            

  • Westcliff  Drive  AND Hillcrest Road   

  • Emmerentia Avenue AND Hillcrest Road / Carlow Road    

  • Wicklow Avenue  AND Greenhill Road / Greenway       

  • Chester Road AND Dunkald Avenue / Lower Park Drive     

  • Chester Road AND Denbright Street            

  • Chester Road     AND       Dorset Road      

  • Chester Road     AND       Cardiff Road      

  • Chester Road     AND       Cardigan Road  

  • Chester Road     AND       Flint Road           

  • Chester Road     AND       Swansea Road  

  • Chester Road     AND       Glamorgan Road        

  • Chester Road     AND       Torqay Road     

Jan Smuts Avenue           AT           Chester Road   

  • Bolton Road       AND       Newport Road 

  • Bolton Road       AND       Sussex Road      

  • Bolton Road       AND       Dudley Road     

  • Bolton Road       AND       Blandford Road

  • Bolton Road       AND       Bath Road          

  • Bolton Road       AND       4th Avenue      

  • Oxford Road      AND       Ashford Road   

  • Oxford Road      AND       Wantage Road 

  • Oxford Road      AND       Rutland Road    

  • Oxford Road      AND       Worcester Road           

  • Oxford Road      AND       Bristol Road      

  • Oxford Road      AND       Northwold Drive           

  • Oxford Road      AND       Cotswold Drive

  • Oxford Road      AND       Griswold Road  

  • Oxford Road      AND       Abbotswold Road          

  • Oxford Road      AND       Engelwold Drive            

  • Oxford Road      AND       Methwold Road           

  • Oxford Road      AND       Eastwold Way  

  • Oxford Road      AND       Restanwold Drive           

  • Oxford Road      AND       Waltham Road 

  • Oxford Road      AND       Ettrick Way        

  • Oxford Road      AND       Birnam Road    

  • Oxford Road      AND       Sherwood Road              

  • Oxford Road      AND       Epping Road      

  • Jan Smuts Avenue           AND       Eton Road          

  • Lower Park Drive            AND       Ennis Road        

  • Dunkalk Avenue              AND       Ennis Road         

  • Lower Park Drive            AND       Westwold Way

  • Westwold Way               AND       Dorset Road      

  • Westwold Way               AND       Cardigan Road  

  • Westwold Way               AND       Glamorgan Road  

  • Westwold Way              AND       Newport Road 

Westwold Way  AT           Avonwold Road     

  • Jan Smuts Avenue           AND       Northwold Drive 

  • Jan Smuts Avenue           AND       Westwold Way  

  • Jan Smuts Avenue           AND       Princess of Wales Terrace  

  • Jan Smuts Avenue           AND       Lower Park Drive     

  • Jan Smuts Avenue           AND       Dunkald Avenue         

  • Dunkalk Avenue              AND       Kilkeney Road  

  • Dunkalk Avenue              AND       Kerry Road         

  • Dunkalk Avenue              AND       Westmeath Road            
  • Dunkalk Avenue              AND       Roscommon Road          

  • Jan Smuts Avenue            AND        Erlswold Way / Lystanwold Road              

In addition the festival has included the use of the e-Tuk Tuk for the relief of patron walking distances with 10 identified routes:

1.         JMPD 4 – Emmerantia Avenue  / Carlow Road

      e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Westcliffe Drive and drop off at Eyethu 14
2.         JMPD 5 – Wicklow Avenue / Emmerantia Avenue

      e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Ennis Road and drop off at Eyethu 2
3.         JMPD 5 – Chester Road / Dundalk Road

      e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Dundalk road and drop off Eyethu 2
4.         JMPD 9 – Chester Road / Carolaan Road

      e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Carolaan Road and drop off at Eyethu 5

5.         JMPD 14 – Chester Road / Jan Smuts Avenue

     e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Jan Smuts Avenue and drop off at Eyethu 8

6.         JMPD 18 – Bolton Road / Brandford Road

     e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Brandford Road / Rutland Road and drop off at Eyethu 8

7.         JMPD 27 Cotswold Road / Oxford Road

      e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Catswold and drop off at Eyethu 9

8.         JMPD 29 – Oxfords / Abbotswold

      e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Abbotswold / Lyston Road and will drop off at Eyethu 18

9.         JMPD 32 – Oxford / Eastwold Way

      e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Eastwold Way / Eastwold Way and drop of at Eyethu 18
10. JMPD 37 – Oxford / Sherood

         e-Tuk Tuk will travel on Upperpard Drive / Erlswold Way and drop off at Eyethu 18

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