Zizo Beda Distressed By Fake Facebook Account

On Friday Zizo Beda's management sent out a media alert over a fake Facebook account that has caused the Selimathunzi presenter some distress. The said Facebook account has been created in her name, using an image of hers to deceive followers into thinking that the account belongs to and is run by her.

According ta a statement from her management; An unknown person has been posting revolting updates and luring people to follow the religious extremist images and updates posted on the site has opened a Facebook profile by the name “ZizoBeda”.

Responding with shock to this account, Zizo says: 
“Whoever this is, has used a picture of mine and my name, without permission, to create the profile. The last I saw the profile picture was of me in a red dress. This account has been responsible for posting graphically explicit images of sickly people and their genitals and has been making prayer requests on behalf of people etc.”

This matter has been reported to the Facebook officials, but this impostor account is yet to be shut down.
 “I’ve alerted my friends, family and industry colleagues of this matter, because I don’t want to be associated with this account and it certainly doesn’t speak of my character at all," says a distraught Zizo.
The content posted on this account is of a lewd nature and some people may even find it offensive, which is something Zizo wants no association with.
 “I’m really quite disturbed by it because I know how easy it is for people to believe things posted on social networks to be true. I have never conducted myself in such a despicable manner and advise those who want to be linked to my real account to look up MissZizoBeda- a true reflection of the content I have shared with all my supporters. I certainly do not want the misinformation to taint my name which I have worked hard to build."   
I am shocked that anyone would think that sweet Zizo would be posting lewd stuff on Facebook, but then again if people can believe that there are mermaids in Nkandla pool, they will believe anything. 

I can personally vouch for Zizo. She is one for the most grounded and polite people in this business. Anyone who has met or been in her presence would not believe that Facebook nonsense but i fully get why she needed to quell this before it got out of hand. 

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