AUDITIONS: Soul City Is Looking For A Female Talkshow Host

South Africa's longest-running drama franchise Soul City gets a new spin-off in January next year. The Soul City Insitute (who created Soul City) and O.M.A.H.D. films are producing a new youth talk show called Rise which will air on SABC2.

The show's been conceptualized but the one thing that's missing is a presenter. The show's on a search for one and it could be you.

Open auditions are happening in Johannesburg for one day only: tomorrow (Friday, 26 September).

Who's the show looking for?

A dynamic, opinionated and strong-willed female leader between the ages of 18 and 25.

You will need to:

  • Be able to speak more than two official South African languages.
  • Be comfortable in the spotlight.
  • Be able to engage in controversial conversations.
  • Be available to shoot in Johannesburg for the entire production at your expense.

Audition must-knows:

Auditions are happening at the Joburg Theatre in Braamfontein.

  • You need to take an ID or document proving your identity and age.
  • Auditions start at 08h00 and run until 14h00. Callbacks are happening in the afternoon.
  • The audition will be impromptu and spontaneous so there's no need to prepare.


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