Bloemfontein Gets Its Own New Local Newspaper

Two of Media24’s local newspapers in Bloemfontein are set to merge to establish the largest local newspaper for the City of Roses. The new newspaper will be published on Thursdays and Fridays from the beginning of October. There will be two distinct editions of the same newspaper, Bloemnuus and Bloemnaweek.

The new Bloemnuus and Bloemnaweek will combine the best qualities of the two existing publications, Ons Stad and Bloemnuus. According to Gert Coetzee, acting editor of the Volksblad group, there was an unnecessary duplication and overlap between the two newspapers, which were delivered to the same households and distribution points weekly in the past years. 

The newspaper has been re-designed and will have a brand new, modern look.
“This Media24 local title is set to be the strongest local newspaper in Bloemfontein, offering a whole new reading and advertising experience, twice a week. Local titles offer an opporunity to connect with the consumer on an intimate level. Our latest Compass24 research on local titles revealed that consumers are demanding trust, values, and humaness from brands, qualities that local newspapers hold in the community,” says Shane Jacobs, portfolio manager at Ads24.
“The new Bloemnuus will have a stronger news thrust ,and will still be distibuted from house to house on Thursdays in Bloemfontein. Bloemnuus will contain content that will have the city’s people talking, including a focus on municipal, school, sports, and community news,’
“The powerful offering of this newspaper will be supplemented and backed with Bloemnaweek on a Friday, that will concentrate on weekend, entertainment, and people news, as well as sports events for the following weekend. The key is to entertain and provide enjoyable reading content,” says Coetzee.
Bloemnaweek will have a happier and lighter tone, and will no longer be distributed from house to house, but at key points with many visitors, and will be available at cafés and large chain stores. Part of this print order will also be distributed in country towns.
“The weekend distribution of the newspaper is geared towards a market that would not necessarily have received the newspaper at home. This will include visitors to the city’s shopping centres and hospitals, and younger people,” says Coetzee.
Jens Friis, editor of the current Bloemnuus, will edit the two new newspapers. Ruan Bruwer, editor of Ons Stad, will become the news and sports editor. Advertising can be booked through Ads24.

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