Bonang's Boobs Cause A Distraction And Start A Trend

The Queen of everything fabulous in Mzansi Bonang Matheba's lingerie line at Woolworths has been causing quite a distraction at the store's outlets all over the country. To show their appreciation for their reigning Queen, some of B*'s fans have taken matters into their own hands... literally! Yes people, Bonang's boobs have started a social media trend. 

It all started when Bonang launched her much publicized collaboration with retail store Woolworths to create a lingerie line.

The lingerie line, aptly named Distraction By Bonang, was accompanied by a visual marketing drive in a form of lifesized posters of Bonang on store windows.

In the images Bonang shows off her statuesque physique and flawless features... and the lingerie pieces of course.

It was not long before fans, mainly fellas, started noticing the posters and reacting.

These days there is no better place to express one's opinion than via social media, so the boys turned to the medium to show their hands on appreciation for B.

And a trend was born... guys all over Mzansi are not just distracted by B but they are also cupping a feel of the star's "assets".

Hollywood stars have their Madame Tussauds wax sculptors that are ogled by fans who can not get to meet these stars in real life — our Bonang has the next best thing in Mzansi, people ogling at her posters.

A first in South African history that an individual's image, except struggle stalwarts and politicians, has received such attention from the public.

Bonang does not seem to mind the attention her image is soliciting from her male fans. The star has been happily sharing the pictures and thanking the guys for the love on her Instagram.

Here are some of the images I was able to put together:

Imagine what this guy would do if he met the real Bonang ...

Couples get in on the fun trend too ....

 Some guys are just too mesmerized to even touch...

Penny for your thoughts, Sir? ...

"Look its Bonang" - likely said the little man. Never too young to appreciate ...

She is lost for words...


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