Ciara Booed After Being Mistaken For Rihanna

Oh the horror! As if it is not enough that Ciara is the most overlooked talent in Hollywood, a funny thing happened to her when she arrived at the Lanvin show for Paris Fashion Week. .

We all know struggling single mothers need a break, especially if you're as busy as Ciara — with her schedule that includes shaving and raising a baby on a budget.

CiCi was posing for cameras at the Lanvin show but the paparazzi start yelling Rihanna to get her attention.

The "Im Out" singer stopped posing and sauntered into the fashion show.

Sadly the paparazzi were having none of it , they started booing her.

One can only deduce that they were puzzled as to why Rihanna would be so rude. Bet they were more pissed when they found out the pictures of the androgynous beauty won't even be enough to buy themselves a taxi ride home .

Watch the Video HERE

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