Fired Generations Star Anga Finally Signs A Recording Deal

After the success of Anga Makubalo – aka MJ in Generations' collaboration with DJ Sbu in the song Qina, it was only a matter of time before the actor made his mark in the music scene. One may have expected him to sign with TS Records, but the actor has chosen the Durban music powerhouse Afrotainment Music as his home.

The actor has announced that he’s just signed a major recording deal with recording company Afrotainment Music. The company, run by DJ Tira, has welcomed Anga into the family on Tuesday.
“Yes, I’m part of the Afrotainment team. We’re taking things one step at a time.” he said.
With the reality of their unemployment sinking in it somewhat encouraging to see that not all of them will fade into oblivion. Anga has proven that he has the voice and the charm to give the likes of Donald and Vusi Nova some competition.

Congrats to Anga and I wish all the best in his musical career endeavors!

PS: This guy is one of those people who never let the attention from Generations go to his head. I am genuinely happy to see that he will have a career beyond the show.

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