Former N'Sync Band Member Proposes To His Lover | Other Openly Gay BoyBand Members

Former N*Sync member Lance Bass must really love his boyfriend to "Pop" the question twice. Yep Justin Timberlake's former band mate who had throngs of female fans swooning over him in the late 90s is madly in love with his boyfriend Michael Turchin. 

The former 'NSYNC boy-bander proposed to fiancé Michael Turchin again on Sunday, a year after the couple first got engaged.

Bass, 35, gave Turchin a beautiful gold and black ring in honor of the happy occasion. 
"Who gets proposed to a second time on the first anniversary of the first proposal?? This guy!!!" Turchin captioned an Instagram of the sparkler. 

Now a LGBT rights activist and host of his own SiriusXM radio show, Bass told US PEOPLE magazine in June that he and Turchin weren't rushing down the aisle. 
"I literally called Michael last night and said, 'Babe, we have to plan something. I'm tired of telling everyone we haven't done anything yet!' " he said. 
Lance Bass is not the only former or current boy band member who is openly gay. Here are few others; 
  • Mark Feehily of WESTLIFE
Mark revealed he was gay in an '05 interview. His family always knew, but like Lance Bass, management ensured he was seen with a girlfriend when in public. 
  • Jonathan Knight of New Kids on The Block.
 "I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay." Knight told US Magazine
  • Stephen Gately of Boyzone. 
Stephen came out in '99, tragically dying of natural causes 10 years later. 

These are guys who are OPENLY gay. There is likely more gay guys in these boybands but until they come out it will only be a rumour. 

It is also important to point out that these above mentioned guys only opened up about their sexuality once their fame subsided. At the height of their careers when girls were throwing their panties at them on stage they never let on that they were more interested in these girls' brothers. 

Lance and Mark were photographed and paired with women in publicly — we now have the term "Beard" for these women but at the time they were necessarily to hide the boys' true sexuality. 

Does the practice still exist today? Absolutely. As liberal and accommodating as we think we are, we are still very homophobic and any male musician trying to sell records in a boy band will take the "straight route" it is safer.  

So girls, do not be surprised in a few years when one of One Direction boys is dating or marrying some dude ...

Afterall these One Direction boys seem to touch each other a lot... especially Harry, dude cant keep his hands off his band members' crotch ...

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