Grazia SA Continues To Print NONSENSE | Claims Brad Doesn't Love Angelina Anymore

Grazia Magazine has once again proven that its editor and her stuff do not know what they are doing or do not care about reporting anything factual anymore. In what will likely be their biggest faux pas since being launch, and this is a stretch given some of the ridiculous headlines they have had, the mag prints a story on the cover claiming Brand and Angelina are breaking up, just days after their wedding. 

There are mistakes and there are blatant lack of professionalism or just plain "lies"..

How in the world could Kerrie Simon-Lawrence's Grazia SA allow a story that is blatantly fictional go to print? 

On the new 3 September issue their leading cover story claims: 

"Shock! Brad tells Ange: I don't love you anymore."

Meanwhile Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie just got married. I fully understand that they may have been working on the story before the surprise wedding of the superstars this past week but this just goes to show just how this mag is just creating stories without verification. 

Their source for this dubious cover story is allegedly Brad Pitt's former psychic. Red flags right there. 

The blurb on the Grazia SA website: 
Nine years after meeting and falling in love on the set of MR & Mrs Smith, and six kids later, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married. A spokesperson for the pair confirmed that the pair tied the knot in France over the weekend. This comes hot off the back of recent explosive claims from Brad’s former psychic that the Troy star had fallen out of love with Angelina, and would only stay with and marry Angelina for their kids.

This is the latest in a string of bad cover stories and faux pas from the magazine. In July this year, the magazine got entangled in a bad PR stunt when they inadvertently pissed of a lot of women by asking their readers via Twitter about what makes a woman a slut. Read HERE

By the way, what would a Grazia SA cover be without Kim Kardashian? The mag is obsessed with the woman so she is on the cover as well. 

Some of the magazine's ridiculous cover stories have been;

  • Shock! Beyonce Devasted By Jay Z's Secret Love Child ... funny only Grazia SA stuff seem to know about this child

  • Kim Kardashian Hates Her Life ... seriously, someone thought this story would fly.

It's disheartening because we as professional bloggers still have to fight to be taken seriously in this business but these so called journalists continue to constantly print fake frivolous news and never account for their inaccuracy are respected and paid.

A brand will gladly pay Grazia to feature their ads on the mag but would want me to work with them for free or at a dismal price. It is ridiculous. 

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