iPads & TV Sets Up For Grabs As Rhythm City Tries To Win Back Viewers

It is no secret that the arrival of Skeem Saam on the 18h30 slot took a big chunk out of Rhythm City's viewership full. An estimated 1 million viewers switched to the shenanigans of Turfloop on Skeem Saam leaving the folks at Rhythm City reeling. Now it seems RC is resorting to bribes to win viewers back...

Ok, TV shows do competitions all the time so this is not a bribe as such (have a sense of humour), but you have to admit this is a very big way to try and thank your viewers for watching unless you are trying to gain some reciprocal gesture for your generosity.

The good folks at Rhythm City are giving away 10 prizes in 10 days. 

You can WIN iPads, Samsung TVs and a chance to chill with the show's stars — just by watch Rhythm City every night this week at 6:30PM. 

Look out for the unique keyword in every episode this week and SMS it to enter. The keyword and number will be on your screens during the episode every day. 

The competition starts Monday, 22 September. 

Rhythm City producers need not worry. With Skeem Saam moving to the 8pm slot for three months they can still assert their place on the 6;30 slot. The lead in from the newly introduced talkshows to etv at 6pm should also boosts rating a bit. 

HOWEVER... for a long term solution, RC just needs to do an overhaul of its production. Just one example: Gail is still boring as hell even when she is in the main story line. Yawwwn!!!

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