Khabonina Qubheka To Host A New Car Show

Actress, dancer, choreographer, singer and businesswoman Khabonina Qubheka, who grew up watching the informal motor-sport of car spinning, is set to host a show that will explore its culture in the townships.

Spina Guluva is a 13 part magazine documentary series about the old age street culture of spinning cars, brand new on eKasi+ channel 105 on OpenView HD. Car spinning used to be synonymous with car theft and township gangsterism in the ‘90s. The stereotype is that drag racing and spinning stolen gusheshes (BMW 3 series) was commonly used to show respect at funerals of gangsters.

The first episode interrogates the roots of spinning and the origins of the stereotypes by speaking to a group that were part of the spinning culture back when it started. Spinning has evidently experienced a major makeover as it is now recognised as an official, registered motor sport, but is still not completely legal.

Spinners across the country are fighting to regulate their sport in an attempt to attract interest and sponsors. They still face hostility from authorities, hence spinning occurs on the streets and informal stadiums, mostly at night time.

The show explores the multi-faceted culture in places such as Soweto, Witbank, Mpumalanga, Alberton, and a town dubbed the World Cup venue of spinning: the Vaal. Spinners come from across the Southern Hemisphere to pit themselves against the best in the region. 

Spina Guluva starts Sunday, 19 October 2014 at 7PM on eKasi+, channel 105 on OpenViewHD

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