Muvhango Newcomer Voted One Of The Sexiest Men In South Africa

I had intended to write an article introducing the young actor from Muvhango but unfortunately his biography, which I asked for over a week ago, has still not been sent to me so I will have to make due with the few questions I did get a reply to. Nukululeko Magoba, better known to Muvhango fans as Gundo, has been nominated as one of the 12 sexiest men in South Africa as voted for by SowetanLive readers. 

It is no surprise that the young actor would be nominated for such accolade, the brother is easy on the eye and has that sweet aura about him that Lunga Shabalala used to have when he started out in the business.

I asked him how he feels about being nominated and he said; 
"I feel honoured to be nominated as one of mzansi's sexiest men, truly overwhelming."
With an understanding that Nkuli is still young and he is getting all these attention on his first role on TV based not on his craft but his looks, I probed him about not being concerned that it might paint his career in a bad light.

"I am not bothered at all, I'm just glad that people are appreciating me in general." he said.
How important is image to you, I asked; 
"Image is very important, I believe in branding myself in a particular manner, a manner that will contribute to me becoming a household brand tomorrow, one should carry themself in a way that they  would like to be addressed, looks shouldnt be everything one can bring to the table."
I also asked how has being on Muvhango changed his life beyond the obvious attention for his looks. He said; 
Being on Muvhango has been nothing but a blessing to me, the experience has helped me realise my potential as an indivual but most importantly as an artist and that alone has changed my life.

What is the one thing your fans would be surprised to know about you? I asked and he replied; 
I am very passionate about music, especially African and Acid Jazz, so i dedicate my spare time in playing musical instruments, i play the drums and currently learning to play the bass guitar.
Votes for the ultimate winner are still 12 celebrities are still open on the SowetanLive site. Nkuli could eventually end up being part of the 6 women and 6 men who are chosen by the site visitors as the sexiest celebrities and appear on the Sowetan Sexiest Celerity Calendar. 

As for Nkuli's career; I don't get why South African performers do not treat their careers like a business. The main reason for me asking the channel for his BIO is because he does not have his own website, so getting any information about him means going through SABC publicity department.

I have yet to receive that BIO — that should give you an indication of how NOT having your own publicity manager and relying on the show or channel's PR services could hinder an actor's growth. 

I honestly do not get how South African performers operate. Elsewhere an actor would have a manager, publicity shots and a resume ready before he even gets an agent.

These days a website is the first thing a serious actor in Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood, or anywhere else with a well organised industry, does before he even starts doing the audition rounds. 

In South Africa you have to literally beg to promote someone. And we wonder why our "tv stars" aren't considered real stars. We are just playing 'diketo' in this industry.  

If Nkuli and many young actors like him are to command the same respect the "It Girls" enjoy then they will have to seriously take their brands and career more seriously and professional.

I am only writing this article because I know he relied on the channel to send the BIO. They haven't sent it, which has ruined the whole angle and plan to write about him. However I couldn't wait another week for his BIO because the story would be old news by then.

Real pity. 

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