Nandos' Latest TV Ad Fails To Sizzle

In keeping with Nando's tradition, their new TVC (television commercial) is cheeky, controversial and is supposed to be amusing. Watching the ad I felt the humor or message gets lost in the chaos. 

Nando's new ad tells the story of the unlikely meeting of four ministerial cavalcades at a single intersection at the same time. A dispute ensues, as they futilely argue about who is more important and who should have the right of way.

As happens so frequently in SA, things get quite heated, but finally the tension of the situation is humorously diffused in a quintessentially South African way.

That is what the viewer is supposed to deduce from the ad but watching the ad, I got a little confused about where the humor and the message of the brand is.

Ok so cars are speeding and disregarding road laws, they get to an intersession — that lady from 7de Laan says something I didn't get the first time I saw the ad, and the white guy also says something, a taxi drives past and there is a bang... OH KAY!!

If you have to explain the message of the ad for viewers to get it, then you have failed in your attempt. Nando's is known for coming up with clever cheeky way of putting humour in our country's contentious issues, but this time I feel the ad lacks the punch.

Says Nando's marketing director Mike Cathie:
"Self-important officials irritate everybody so we took the opportunity in this commercial to make fun of them in a light-hearted way. It might not always be the case with politicians, but at Nando's we serve the people."
Then again, this is just ONE GUY's OPINION may be you will find it funny. Watch below;

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